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Question Response
In point 3.4 of the guidelines for applying to the competition, on page. 7, in the table is indicated, that it is required to provide recommendations. Is it mandatory to submit a candidate recommendation? From who should be the recommendation? Should the recommendation only be one? The recommendations are not mandatory.
Recommendations from participation in internships or volunteer programs will be considered for further evidence of the experience of the candidate.
I am in the fourth year of my studies and we have no current exams, and the Government exams begin next month. What document should I then present to you, to apply? In the case of, that training includes both the semester training, as well as an internship, for all semesters, in which you have no exams, but only an internship, assurance must be provided by the University/College, proving, that the applicant is a student ... academic specialty course 2014/2015.
Given the short time limits for application (14 days) There may be a problem with the release of a transcript. Is it possible to provide assurance, instead of transcript, containing the information required? To. Given the reduced time limits for applying for transcripts 2014/2015, the operator of a small grant scheme will accept assurances from University/College, containing the information required.
Is it acceptable for students of speciality "health management" to participate in the contest? To, the specialty "health management" is an acceptable medical specialty.