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"SONIK START" LTD. sonikstart

"SONIK START" LTD. is a dynamically developing business organization, focused in the field of social entrepreneurship, consultation, the provision of services and support – both on the territory of the country, and international partnerships.

"SONIK START" LTD. provides organisational consulting, mediation, support the development of human resources in business and non-profit organizations, creates opportunities for the preservation and promotion of the work teams; organizes and conducts specialized training; provide supervision in the humanitarian sector. Through the Centers for social services, manages conducts campaigns, aiming to raise public sensitivity to the rights and protection of children and vulnerable groups, initiate advocacy activities in the community.

The main directions of activity of the "SONIK START" LTD. are:

I: Management of social services, with a range: social activities; social services. Social services include the Law for social assistance (Center for public support; Day care center for children; Day care center for children with disabilities; Centre for social rehabilitation and integration; Day care center for adults; Day care centre for adults with disabilities; Personal Assistant; Social Assistant; Domestic helper; Center for family-type accommodation; Center for family-type accommodation for children; Foster care) and upgrading the law for social assistance, innovative services of the "SONIK START" LTD. (Consulting Center; Bureau of social services; Mentoring for disadvantaged people; Children's garden for the whole family; Assistant for social inclusion.) The basic directions of activity of the "SONIK START" LTD. and organizational consulting and expert training.

II: Classic consulting services – analyses, evaluation and research in the development of human resources; analyses, reviewers, surveys of social organizations; analyses and design studies; preparation of project documentation for presentation to the EU structural funds and operational programmes of the Bulgarian Republic of; management of projects; organizing national and international conferences, round tables, public forums, focus- groups and events; construction and realization of public campaigns and seminars; organize team-building or training, workshop or Conference.

III: Business mediation. In this sphere the company provides consulting services for the settlement of disputes; corporate and business mediation; business-consulting; analysis of partnerships; initiating and fostering partnerships; supporting organizational cooperation; Economic and organizational analysis; moderating disputes and dispute resolution; introduction of investors on the Bulgarian market; administrative services; financial-organizational services; expansion of the organizing range; the development of international partnerships in support of business organizations, expansion of the business – the area of the Bulgarian territories, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

"BIM Consulting Ltd.

bim_big(2)BIM Consulting Ltd. is a private Bulgarian company, founded in 2008 year. It is a consulting company, providing its customers with high-quality training services, application and management of European and international projects.

The company has significant experience in the Organization and implementation of large-scale projects, related to the provision of technical assistance to the structures of the public administration at local, regional and central level and consulting services for businesses to access public funding.

The main objective is to provide professional customer service and offer the most suitable solutions for customers and partners to participate in tendering procedures, provision of advice for the full cycle of project management, incl.. assessment, monitoring and financial management.

The customers are private companies, non-governmental organizations, municipal and State structures, who assist in the process of preparing for the absorption of European funds, etc.. funds, through highly qualified consultations not only in developing the required documentation, associated with the application and evaluation of projects, but also through support for the implementation and monitoring of contracts.

"BIM consulting" LTD has a team of professionals, who possess considerable experience and thorough knowledge in the field of European/international projects and funding opportunities. The company has over 100 experts in various fields, with proven experience and excellent qualifications in the field of economy, law and finance, Engineering and natural sciences, that meet specific job tasks according to the internationally accepted rules and procedures.

"Five Consult" Plc

"Five Consult" Plc is a Bulgarian consulting company, Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, that runs from the middle of the 2013 year.

The company offers specialized advice on the procedures and the legislative framework of the European structural funds and the Cohesion Fund on a wide range of customers – public and local authorities and non-governmental organizations and commercial companies. The company's mission is to support the successful implementation of the obligations of membership in the EU by providing high-quality expertise on issues of identification of project ideas and preparation of project proposals for applying for structural aid, project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation, implementation of project activities, the provision of technical assistance and project management, formulation of policies and measures and support for effective participation of affected parties in decision-making processes.

The company has a team of experts, with that accomplished a partnership on the occasion of the implementation of the projects, we are working on.